Pin Connector Installation

Power distribution and luminaire connection in vertical farms and greenhouses has never been easier. With pin connectors, all components easily plug-in, saving time and costs during installation and subsequent changes. Pipe and wire installation requires wire stripping, disassembly and reassembly by a qualified professional. RST® connectors are touch-safe and have a special coding that prevents dangerous voltage mismatches.

Pre-assembled cables and pluggable distribution components guarantee a quick and safe installation of LED luminaires. RST® is the best waterproof electrical installation for horticulture. All components have North American approval by UL and CSA.

RST® System Overview

Four Sizes Fit Any Application

From compact to powerful – Choose the number of poles, voltage rating, and coding that perfectly fits your lighting installation.

RST Micro
RST® MICRO The miniature plug for lighting.
2 to 3-poles and a diameter of only 14.9 mm.
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RST® Mini
RST® Mini Small connector for extremely confined spaces. 2 to 5 poles, Rated to 600 V, 16 A See Options
RST® Classic
RST® Classic Most versatile connector with the broadest portfolio. 2 to 7 poles, Rated to 600 V, 20 A (25 A) See Options
RST® Power
RST® Power For power-intensive applications.
4 and 5 poles,
Rated to 600 V, 53 A
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