Custom-made plug and play power for horticulture is an electrical system tailored to the needs of vertical farms and greenhouse growing operations. With easy installation and minimal maintenance, this solution aims to provide efficient and reliable power to support plant growth while minimizing installation effort.

Wieland Electric has been producing electrical connections and industrial automation products for over a century. We are recognized as a market leader in pluggable installation technology for buildings and industry. Thus, we provide our clients with exceptional solutions for power and lighting that are proven high-quality and efficient.

The Role of Electrical Connectors in Horticulture

Electrical connections are required to power the equipment and systems used to cultivate and maintain plants. These include lighting systems, temperature control systems, and irrigation systems. Our aim is to provide electrical installations that are resistant, quick to install, and easy to maintain.

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems are often used to supplement natural sunlight in greenhouses or indoor growing facilities. Due to the high moisture environment that the lights operate in, lighting connectors must meet high standards of ingress protection in order for the system to last. Lights will occasionally need to be changed and maintained. A traditional light that does not have a pluggable connector can be further exposed to risky environmental conditions.

The RST plug and play connectors solve both these problems. They can withstand high moisture environments, corrosion, wide temperature ranges, and high-pressure jets of water, and may even be temporarily submerged in water. In addition, a light outfitted with the RST device connector can be easily changed by unplugging the old light and plugging in the new one. No downtime for your plants. The old light can then be taken for maintenance at the manufacturer or a more suitable place where there is no risk of moisture damage.

In addition, growing plans may be altered and therefore lighting plans might need to be adjusted as well. Pluggable lighting systems make this easier. The system can be quickly unplugged and parts can be reused and modified as part of the new layout.

Some examples of lighting systems used in horticulture include the following:

  • Fluorescent lights
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps
  • Light-emitting ceramic (LEC) lamps
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) lights
  • Smart lighting systems

Temperature Control & Irrigation Systems

Temperature control and irrigation systems require power systems that can withstand water and moisture. They play a vital role in ensuring optimal growth conditions for plants. Using a waterproof power system like the RST will minimize downtime due to maintenance or replacements. Moreover, initial installation is five times faster, so growing can start much sooner.

The Plug and Play Power System for the Horticulture Industry

Prefabricated cable assemblies are widely used in horticulture. They connect electrical components — such as sensors, lights, and fans — in controlled environments like greenhouses or indoor grow facilities. They also help organize and protect the cables, which makes installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the electrical system much easier..

The harnesses are pre-cut to length and pre-wired, so they are ready to be installed without additional electrical work on site. This significantly speeds up setting up a new farm or expanding an existing one. Additionally, using prefabricated cable harnesses can help control costs and timelines.

Incorporating plug and play technology means the system is designed to be easily set up and connected, with minimal technical expertise. This solution is useful for horticultural operations as it allows for the efficient powering of grow lights, irrigation systems, and other equipment.

Benefits of the Plug and Play Power System

A plug and play system can provide many benefits when used in horticulture operations. Some of the key advantages include the following:


The RST system is ideal for plant growing as it has one of the highest ingress protection ratings in the market. As a Type 4X / 6P rated connectors, the RST withstands corrosion, ice, jetted water and temporary submersion. The ratings are given by North American electrical associations such as UL and CSA. With the RST line you are sure to pass all necessary inspections and have your operations running that much faster.


The RST system is 5 times faster to install than traditional pipe and wire. In addition, the plug and play design enables simple installation and connection with the minimal technical knowledge required. This feature also eliminates complex procedures and enables rapid integration with existing systems.

Safety and Efficiency

The plug and play power systems for horticulture are specifically designed for wet locations and meet the necessary electrical requirements (UL and CSA) for use in greenhouses and vertical farms. This is a crucial factor to take into account when it comes to regulatory compliance and ensuring safe, reliable power for plant growth.

In addition, plug and play power systems are much faster to install than traditional pipe and wire systems, saving time and reducing labor costs. Moreover, they feature mechanical and color-coded connectors, which help minimize errors and ensure that connectors are matched correctly to avoid hazardous voltage situations. Finally, the connectors are touch-safe when disconnected, which reduces the risk of electrical shock.


The plug and play system is known for its flexibility, which can easily be modified to add or remove equipment. This benefits the horticulture industry, where the needs of the plants and crops can change over time. This feature also enables farmers and horticulturists to adapt to changing conditions and optimize their operations for maximum productivity and efficiency.

The system’s flexibility allows for easy scalability and expansion. This makes plug and play technology an ideal solution for businesses that are growing or planning to grow.

Modular System

The modular nature of plug and play power systems allows for high adaptability and flexibility, with connectors available in various sizes and different voltages. This makes it easy to customize and expand the system to meet specific needs and requirements. For instance, the plug and play design makes it simple to change and reconfigure components as needed.

The Wieland RST® plug and play Connector System

Wieland Electric has the perfect solution for installing lighting in horticultural environments — the RST® plug and play technology! It is completely pluggable and water resistant with Type 4X / 6P ratings.. It also offers great flexibility, as it can be used for energy distribution in the field or for a simple interface to luminaires.

Here is an overview of system features and components that make the RST® system one of the top choices for installation in the horticulture industry:

Cable Connector

The cable connector of the RST® system connects the system’s diverse electrical cables. It is designed to be simple to use and install, with pre-assembled cables that can be connected to the system quickly and securely. The connectors also provide an interface between conventional and pluggable components without stripping, disassembly, or wiring, making installation simple and quick.

Panel Mount

The panel mount is designed for easy installation and operation and is typically mounted on a panel or other surface. It allows easy access to the system’s electrical connections and controls, making it simple to connect or disconnect the system as needed. Moreover, this component is designed to be touch-safe and have state-of-the-art ingress protection.

Distributors and Splitters

Distributors and splitters are components of the RST® technology used to disperse and split electrical power throughout the horticultural lighting system. They allow multiple lights and other electrical equipment to be connected while ensuring that each device receives ample energy.

Cable Harness

The cable harness of the RST® ensures efficient and safe distribution of power and signals throughout the lighting system. It is also designed to be flexible and easy to route, allowing for easy installation in various horticultural environments.

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Wieland Electric offers high-quality electrical connection and power distribution solutions with high-quality components. Our method utilizes a plug and play system that reduces installation time by 70% compared to conventional pipe and wire installations. We also offer cable harnesses that make it simple to replicate the design in farms by providing the exact connector lengths and types.

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