To help with a new vertical farm installation, Wieland provided its customer with a waterproof, pluggable and easy to install electrical system for its grow lights. Our engineering department worked closely with the customer to come up with a customized electrical architecture.

The pluggable nature of the installation saved 70% of installation time compared to what a typical pipe and wire installation would have required.

By providing our customer with custom cable harnesses, they could easily replicate the system in subsequent farms, knowing exactly the lengths and type of connectors they would need. This allowed the customer to expand their business quicker and gain customers faster than their competitor. In addition, the smart coding system of the connectors eliminated installation errors and did not require a special skills worker to be installed.

Vertical City Farm Application


  • Waterproof against corrosion, hose-directed water, & prolonged submersion
  • Five times faster installation than conventional pipe & wire
  • Easy changes or expansions with reusable parts
  • Consistent installation across projects with prefabricated cable harnesses made-to-order