The RST® MICRO is a cutting-edge connector for lighting technology. It is a miniature plug that is guaranteed to provide maximum IP protection. With a 2 to 3-pole connector having a diameter of 14.9 mm., RST® MICRO is currently the smallest in the range of Wieland’s RST System Components and is streamlined for highly confined spaces. It can also be integrated into 14 mm. feed-through holes and M14 x 1 thread.

The RST® MICRO is available with cable assemblies and can be used in applications up to 400 V; 8 A. Each connector is color-coded and provides a distribution block with two or three outputs in parallel and serial wiring.


RST Micro
Wieland offers a diverse range of smart products and customized concepts for electrical installations through our connector system, and RST® MICRO stands out as an innovative electrical installation system for lighting technology and the industrial environment.

The RST® MICRO provides the following benefits:

Additional Protection Due to Contact Seal

The RST® MICRO is available in barrier seal design, with internal sealing on each single contact.

Easy Wire Connection

The screwdriver can be fastened, and you can connect the wire much more effortlessly using hexagon socket crews.

Convenient Quick-Release Fastener

Attach the sleeve and close it with a half-turn.

Flexible Installation

Distribution blocks are available in serial and parallel configurations with two or three outputs.

Can Be Integrated Into Existing Installations

It can be integrated into 14 mm feed-through holes and M14 x 1 thread.

Safe Installation Through Mechanical + Color-Coding

All connectors are coded when they leave the factory, so mismatching is effectively avoided.

Fast and Reliable Connections With Safety Lock

When the connectors are plugged together, the locking mechanism automatically latches them and ensures a secure hold with 60 N. Moreover, they disengage to avoid pulling wires out of the contacts when an unexpectedly high tensile load is on the connectors.

RST® MICRO Applications

RST Micro

Lighting applications have increased IP protection requirements specifically for electrical installations. Here are some examples of how to use RST® MICRO connectors:

Light Advertisements and Display

Light advertisements are essential to our cities because they help define the urban landscape, and the options for emphasizing marketing messages are nearly limitless. The RST® MICRO is a miniature connector that provides a simple, transparent, high-quality connection between ballasts and luminaires. With this solution, everything is installed and protected against dirt and moisture in the blink of an eye!

Technical Luminaires With a Separate Ballast

The RST® MICRO is ideal for integrations between voltage and current sources and LED modules, dimming, and DMX applications. In addition, you can use the miniature connector for mains voltages due to its insulation coordinates.

Decorative Outdoor Luminaires and Event Lighting

Professional electrical installation is required for all outdoor installations. Difficult installation conditions frequently result in errors, a reduction in security, and system failure. Because of its compact and subtle design and maximum IP protection, the RST® MICRO is an excellent outdoor lighting partner. Furthermore, the optional water stop reduces the likelihood of failure.

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RST Micro

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