For the most power intensive applications such as server farms, the RST® Power system is the high- current connector for up to 53 A and 600 V. The easy to use and error-free pluggable system allows for fast changes and a modular design that grows with your business. Electrical connectors are protected against dust, ice and prolonged submersion (1.8m; 24h), Type 6P rating.


Ideal for outdoor and other areas that require a high degree of protection against the ingress of water & dust. The RST® POWER pin connectors come in 4 and 5-pole varieties with two cable diameter options.


Technical Data (click to expand)

4/5 Poles (screw)
Thread Size M20 / M25
Cable Ø 15 – 25 mm / 20 – 32 mm
Voltage 250/400 V 600 V
Current 50 A 53 A
Wire Size 4 – 16 mm2 12 – 6 AWG
Protection IP 66/67/69 Type 6P

Specialty Cable Harnesses

Reduce waste, uncertainty, and installation time. Wieland engineers work with you to develop a custom and specialized electrical installation solution for your application. Custom length cable harnesses are simply plugged-in on-site, ensuring consistency across sites and eliminating the need for stripping and measuring each time. Simply re-order with one part number!

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Specialty Cable Harnesses

Device connectors/ Panel connectors

Device and panel connectors make it easy to integrate control boxes into the system architecture with the same ease as plugging together two connectors.



A cover cap and an adapter ring are available. Please check the PDF catalog or contact us directly for details.